More Cheap Telescope Upgrades

I've replaced the aluminum tripod legs on my cheap Barska with some wooden legs I had from a previous project. I even spray-painted them orange several years ago so they look like Vixen tripod legs.

These are more stable than the aluminum legs (more stable and with better damping, than the collapsed aluminum tripod). As such, the eyepiece is in a convenient position for seated observation even when pointing close to the zenith.

I just used some 1/4"-20 bolts to attach the wooden legs to the EQ hub. The bolts which came with the Barska are too short for the wooden legs.

This is a full-frame (uncropped) image of the full moon. I used a 32mm Vixen Plossl (giving 28X magnification) and the Pentax K10D with 50mm f/2 manual focus lens, afocal projection:

I'll just tweak the leg mounting, find a reticle eyepiece so I can guide through the main tube and take photos of DSO's using a 200mm Super-Multi-Coated Takumar piggybacked to the scope. That way I can do 30-second to 2-minute exposures without a motor.

If results are promising, I'll buy an EQ-1M motor for the thing.

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