Poor Man's SkySensor 2000

Here's the Orion Great Polaris (re-branded Vixen) which I got for USD 200 plus shipping:

It has the following modifications:
  • three 2.75-lb weights to balance a C9.25 (actually still a bit top-heavy, but the clutches hold..)
  • homemade 6-inch plywood half-pier
  • wooden tripod from a Vixen Polaris (I recycled the HAL-100 on the Polaris)
  • Meade DS motors
  • Meade Autostar 497 patched to unofficial firmware 43GF for equatorial mount support on non-LXD55/75 mounts

All told, the modifications added up to around another USD 150 (more than half of that amount was the Autostar 497, not shown) plus I used my trusty Makita router to make the half-pier.

Still haven't tested how accurate Go-To's are, but it seems to track well in RA (but all this trouble for RA tracking!) I also will be able to auto-guide because I constructed a Meade 505-compatible cable to do the firmware update.

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