Wood Low-Latitude Wedge for AP600E

The Astro-Physics 600E equatorial mount is not designed to go as low as 1 degree Latitude, where I live. Unfortunately the 900WDGA low-latitude wedge for the AP900 is not compatible with the AP600, and the successor to the AP600E (the Mach1 GTO) doesn't need a wedge to reach low latitudes.

I had a company in Malaysia fabricate a low-latitude wedge for my CGEM, but as I am not traveling to Malaysia anytime soon, I could not get one made for my AP600. Instead, I decided to make one myself out of wood.

The parts were a shelf board from Home-Fix DIY Shop (S$11) and two 8" diameter wood chopping boards from Carrefour (S$7.50 each). I cut a couple of angled pieces from the shelf board, sanded them down to get them flat and consistent, then glued them to one of the chopping boards. I also put a flat piece in-between the angled pieces for strength.

After attaching the top chopping board (also with epoxy) I drilled three holes 120 degrees apart and screwed M6 threaded inserts into the holes.

This allowed me to use hex-head M6 bolts to attach the ADATRI to the top of the wedge.

Another view:

This is what it looks like in action:

The setup is still shaky, but I don't know if it's my wedge, or the aluminum surveyor tripod. I'm planning to purchase a Takahashi SE-S wood tripod locally although haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully that tripod in conjunction with my wooden wedge, will be stable enough.

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Gary said...

Bino on a big refractor! Woohoo! Can't wait for my turn to do that in Johor soon. :)