Astro-Tech 8" Imaging Newtonian, Part VIII

Final refinement on the Astro-Tech Imaging Newtonian: rather than paint, powder-coat, or anodize the tube, I simply wrapped it with fake carbon fiber wrapper (used to make regular cars look more ricey).

A 1m x 1.7m cut cost me S$25 (about US $20) and I only ended up using half of it.

A useful tip: putting the holes in the wrap for the screw holes is much easier with a hot soldering iron!

The large hole for the focuser must be cut out with an X-Acto knife, box cutter, or similar implement.

The finished telescope actually looks pretty good, and no one's the wiser that it isn't real carbon fiber.
One caveat though, the wrap is rather soft. I dinged the telescope tube against an aluminum door frame, which cut into the wrap and exposed the metal underneath. I was able to push back the wrap over the exposed metal, but the finish is no longer pristine.  I would expect that for larger dings, it might be necessary to overcoat the damaged portion with clear varnish or similar to prevent the wrap from peeling.

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bitcrushnpranksta said...

Lookin good orly. If you are not happy with how tough the wrap is check out carbon fiber tolex instead.