Советский объектив порно

That's "Soviet lens porn" in the title, according to Google Language Tools.

Helios-44-2, 58mm f/2 Zeiss Biotar clone. This one was manufactured by Valdai, Val­dai Op­ti­cal-​Me­chan­i­cal Fac­to­ry, located in Val­dai (may be cur­rent­ly known as Val­dayskaya), about 250 miles NW of Moscow.

Jupiter-37A, 135mm f/3.5 Zeiss Sonnar clone, single-coated. Manufactured by KOMZ, Kazan Op­ti­cal-​Me­chan­i­cal Fac­to­ry. Kazan is lo­cat­ed about 435 miles due East of Moscow, in what was, or is, the Au­tonomous Re­pub­lic of Tatars.

Jupiter-9, 85mm f/2 Zeiss Sonnar clone. This model manufactured by LZOS (Лыткаринский завод Оптического Стекла), Lytkari­no Op­ti­cal Glass Fac­to­ry, based in Lytkari­no, 100 kilo­me­ters north of Moscow.

Mir-1V, 37mm f/2.8 Zeiss Flektogon clone. This is the later, less valuable black MC version. Manufactured by Volog­da Op­ti­cal-​Me­chan­i­cal Fac­to­ry. Lo­cat­ed in Volog­da, ap­prox­i­mate­ly 250 miles NE of Moscow.

All photos taken with a piece of tissue paper as flash diffuser for the built-in pop-up Pentax K10D flash, manual exposure, Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/1.8 Pancolar at around f/11.

Incidentally, "Jupiter" comes from the Greek Zeus, which sounded kinda like Zeiss. Creative, comrades!

Although, "Helios" is the Greek name for the Roman Apollo, god of the sun. The Zeiss Sonnar was such-named because it was very bright and fast for its day (which was the early 1930's). However the Helios-44-2 is not a Sonnar, the Jupiter-3 is.