Womarts 320x240 TFT LCD Shield with Touch Screen

I bought one of these Womarts 320x240 TFT LCD Touch Screen boards on ebay because they are cheaper than the Sainsmart equivalents, and have both the TFT and carrier board in a single package, unlike the separate TFT board and carrier board that Sainsmart has. Heck, these are even cheaper than the 128x64 I2C LCD boards being sold out there.  The downside of the Womarts board is that it consumes a heck of a lot of pins. You'll be hard pressed to do anything else with one of these boards riding your Arduino.

There is a version of the Womarts board for Mega-type Arduino, and another for the Uno form factor. This post is about the Mega version. There has been some discussion on the Arduino forums about how good (or bad) these $25 Womarts boards are, so I had rather low expectations.

The main problem is that one set of pins on the board doesn't match up with my (also off-brand) China Arduino Mega. But the problem is with the board, not the Mega.

Here we see that the board consumes all of the extra pins on the bottom of the Mega. Oops.. there go the SPI pins.. I'm not sure if the SPI pins are actually used (I hope not!)
On the top side of the Arduino (with the USB port on the right):

The bummer: the bottom set of pins don't fit:

The solution is to bend the pins inward. Not the best reliability, but a necessary evil.

And the best part.. the Henning Karlsen UTFT library works out of the box (just uncomment the line near the top of the example program for the Mega).