Repairing Astro-Physics GTO Hand Pad Cable

The cable on my Astro-Physics GTO hand pad cable (AP part number E0190CABLE-E) had deteriorated over time. The rubber insulation had peeled and cracked, exposing the shielding and conductors underneath.

I repaired it temporarily using black duct tape but the tape left a sticky residue and was pretty ugly. Astro-Physics wants $75 (plus shipping) for a replacement cable. Good to know I can buy the part, but I wanted to save some money.

While at Popular Bookstore last night, I saw a kiosk with a strange Play-Doh like adhesive, Sugru. A video was playing, touting various wonderful features. The adhesive was quite expensive (S$ 19.90 for eight tiny single-use packets) but I figured it was worth a try.

This adhesive can also be purchased on Amazon, for $19.58 - so the price at Popular was actually lower.

And.. 12 hours later.  The adhesive has hardened into a somewhat-flexible silicone rubber which feels pretty tough (the red material around the handpad cable at the bottom-left of the photo below). I would say this is a qualified success!

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