Synta/GSO Finder Bracket for Astro-Physics AP130GTX

If you've ever had a hankering to attach a cheap and cheerful Synta or GSO finder scope (or red dot finder) to your spendy Astro-Physics AP130GTX triplet refractor,  then this 3D printed design is for you.

I had forgotten (or did not want..) to buy the fancy Baader Vario finder and rings from Astro-Physics when I bought my AP130GTX. Since I had a 3D printer and some cheap no-name China red dot finders, I figured I'd design a finder bracket.

There's a bit of a complication because the AP refractor has its finder bracket screws coming out at a 20-degree angle, and the two screw holes are quite far apart. I also did not want to secure the finder bracket with a single screw. This bracket is appropriately curved to fit the AP refractor, and the screw holes are also tilted for proper alignment.

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