3D-Printed Finder Guider

This is a 3D-printed finder guider that I built from a 60mm achromatic objective in a metal cell from Sheldon Faworski, a length of 2" cardboard mailing tube, and some parts 3D-printed from ABS.

The 3D-printed parts include:
  • an adapter to marry the lens in cell with the cardboard tube (with suitable tapering down that does not vignette the lens aperture)
  • an adapter with two tapped grub screws to allow a standard 1.25" nosepiece to be attached to the finder guider (an ASI120MM is attached)
  • two guide scope rings
The 2" mailing tube was cut to the exact length so that the ASI120MM only just reaches focus. The ABS parts were then epoxied to the cardboard tube.

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