ProLink PIC3002WN Review

This is a discontinued IP camera from ProLink ( There is another review here but otherwise not much additional information.

I bought four of these for home surveillance, but have discovered a number of shortcomings which you need to consider when buying these::
  • the iOS client hard-resets my iPhone 7 Plus randomly, although my wife's iPhone 8 is "fairly" stable
  • only SD card recording works reliably, when recording to a NAS (Windows share) the recording randomly stops, there are days and days with no available recordings
  • there is no FTP recording, contradicting the review linked above
  • Dropbox recording works, and so far is reliable; however you would need a paid Dropbox account since the number of files is quite large
  • the cameras sometimes randomly lose their recording settings
These cameras are cheap, and in principle have a lot of features. The video quality is reasonably OK, the IR mode works fine, but unless you use the SD card or Dropbox recording, the "added" features are unreliable. 

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